Monday, July 4, 2005

Today, I celebrate something new on the Fourth of July – the birth of my online journal, “Margaret’s Musings.” I hope you enjoy this inaugural entry:

Between war and a so-so economy, we find ourselves celebrating July 4th during unsettling times. Yet, despite the circumstances, this special holiday remains a symbol and an example of the best that can be accomplished by a nation for its people. We truly live in a remarkable country where nearly anything is possible. As the first child of an immigrant family, I can personally attest to that.

My father was born in China on July 4th and he was so proud to share the birthday of his adopted country. After he became a citizen, he celebrated with a huge party every July 4th, honoring both his birthday and the birth of the U.S. The party grew over the years into a huge barbecue of ribs, steaks, chicken and mosquitoes – all cooked by my father with his famous barbecue sauce on grills created by him. Every year, my father’s party featured a huge display of fireworks followed by an all-night mahjong session. All this took place at our home in Mississippi on Highway 61.

My father continues his celebration with us, even though he departed a few years ago. My youngest daughter, Dana, was married on July 4th and our first granddaughter, Micaela, was born on July 4th in Chicago. This year, we will celebrate Micaela’s 5th birthday in California, at a traditional Mississippi barbeque with ribs galore. We’ll even have my Dad’s famous barbecue sauce, thanks to my sister, Judy, who still makes his famous recipe and generously shares it with all of us. In my father’s tradition, we welcome all friends and family to join us at Micaela’s party. After all, that is how he saw the United States – a country with an open heart and many reasons to celebrate.

In future “Margaret Musings,” I will share ideas, experiences, and thoughts from my travels, readings and investment conferences. Of course I will also keep you posted on news about and from the Starner Group.

Happy July 4th.

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