ENJOY TODAY WHILE planning for the future

Where It Begins

At The Starner Group, our primary goal is to make a positive, enduring difference in the lives of our clients.

Over the past four decades, we’ve developed a way to do just that. We live by a simple rule – we only work with clients if we can make a difference in their lives. We focus on our clients’ total satisfaction.

Planning is a process. Everyday guidance to implement your financial plan is the life of the plan. We look not only at the services we provide and the performance of the investment strategies we construct, but at the lives they enable our clients to lead.

Just as we are committed to dedicating substantial time, thought, and energy to each of our clients, we ask our clients to make a commitment to working with us to help optimize their results. Ongoing advice is the power of planning.

Should you partner with us, we think you’ll find that those results are well worth the effort. Living your plan makes all the difference.

Margaret's musings

Here’s where you’ll find Margaret Starner’s thoughts and insights on developments that shape your community, your world – and your portfolio.

In the Chinese art of Feng Shui, the red door brings luck and positive energy to those who live behind it.