A serious healthcare challenge can strike when you least expect it. That’s why I believe it’s important to have a health advisor on your side, helping you navigate the healthcare landscape and

answer critical questions like:

  • “Is the diagnosis correct?”
  • “What doctors are best?”
  • “Is surgery necessary, or is there a better option?”

I am proud to announce that Raymond James has partnered with PinnacleCare, a concierge health services provider, to remove the guesswork with personalized assistance when you are facing a serious medical decision.

With PinnacleCare, you will be in the caring hands of a dedicated Health Advisors supported by M.D. and Ph.D physicians and researchers who will help you with top specialists, provide access to the finest medical institutions and identify the best treatment plan for your specific health challenges. PinnacleCare will coordinate your care and guide you through your treatment options.

Membership Overview

  • Yearly membership for an episodic engagement like: a serious diagnosis, a complex condition, a recommendation for surgery, or a significant change in a current treatment plan.
  • Access to dedicated health advisor and a full suite of benefits when a medical issue arises
  • Help navigating the complexities of the health care system, with the goal of providing better medical intelligence, preferred access to providers and improved health outcomes.
  • Coordinated transfer of medical records for review prior to doctor's appointments.
  • Facilitation of FAST access and scheduling of doctor appointments.
  • Identification of the right medical team to confirm your diagnosis (expert medical opinions) and to review appropriate treatment options.

Pricing: $225/year for an individual, $395/year for a family (annual membership)Note: Coverage will be effective 30 days after enrollment

Enroll: visit or call the Raymond James dedicated phone number at 1-844-641-5922 from 8 AM to 6 PM ET.

Raymond James is not affiliated with PinnacleCare.


Additional Information:

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